by Tswj Lis
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Mangosteen is a fruit that my family have in Loas/Thailand. We plant and eat Mangosteen all our lives. It is one of my favorite fruits in the whole world and we and have many fruits from Southeast Asia to North America and South America and Africa.

I also played competitive sports, like; Soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball - from little peewee leagues through high school, and college. I sprained my ankles so many times and a few times hyper-extended both my right and left knee.

If this juice is good for my body, I just want to let you know, that in my 40+ years, I may have ate over 1000++++ of the Mangoesteen.

Xango is a legitimate company.

Xango DOES NO-ONE'S BODY GOOD, but like any fruit juice, it does not do you no harm.


Good luck to everyone that wants to try this hard business.

Think of door-to-door AVON on an internet steriod!!!!

Not for me.

You are an internet sales-person and building an internet pyramid.

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