Lose my heart

by Limar
(Las vegas)

I know of a scam on a dating site with a very attractive man. We started a relationship and he was very great, he talked beautiful things and made promises. He talked about God all the time but please do not listen to him talk about his wife, and his son. yesterday he wanted me to buy a Google gift card for 200 dollars. I called him to give me a reason but it was not not convincing so I immediately looked up his name. I found a lot of Larry William but they are rich people so I think maybe the pictures I got were the real guy. I didn't buy anything for him and he got angry and sent messages a lot.

But I checked the internet and found a history of lady’s identical reason he gave me. I lost my heart but not my money. I wish someone can investigate these people as there are a lot of these men out there.

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