Lorenzo, 51, from Virginia Beach

by Julie

So this rather mild looking man messages me on match.com and I responded. We messaged back and forth and he explained that he was a widow, no children. Was from Milan, Italy but had lived in VaBch for a long time.

Gave me his cell which was a 502 area code (KY). I asked about where he lived in KY and never got a solid answer. I then asked where in VaBch he lived (he was obviously too stupid to note that the town I am in LITERALLY abuts VaBch... He said "Hampton" which is an entirely separate city almost an hour from here.

His Match profile said he speaks English and Spanish, not a word about Italian. When I told him that I knew he was a scammer, he tried to reflect blame on me for being suspicious, as if I give a rat's about what he thinks...

Reported him to Match.com and have fun all day texting him about how he is a loser, his mother must be very ashamed of hime, does he even know who his father is, waste of space, loser, should do humanity a real favor and just kill himself before he spawns more Nigerian losers like himself...then, every 3 minutes or so, I text him "Loser" in the various languages spoken in Nigeria.

Finally sends me a text apologizing. He's gonna have to give up that cell number cause I eat losers like him for breakfast.

Picked the wrong woman to mess with.

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Dec 15, 2016
Lorenzo 51
by: Anonymous

I am so proud of you so let's get this dead beat off the map. I also was on Match and took my profile down. He tried to scam twice - once by someone named Michael Johnson claiming he lived in California and even sent pics.

When we spoke the game was over as he had a thick tongue from Nigeria. Do you have a pic of this Lonerzo because I think I have seen that name before on this scam site but not oUT of VA.

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