Larson or any similar spelling !!!!

by Mia

On Tinder - I get a match from someone calling themselves Larsen - they would later spell their own name as Larson and Larsson!

His page stated he was a rig engineer and was 2910 Kms away from me.

When he got in contact - it was all very complementary straight off 'you're smart', 'you're beautiful' etc.

He stated that he was 'a' Swedish .... ok - I'm Swedish and no Swede makes such grammar mistakes in a phrase we all use a lot. We learn English from the age of 7 and our tv is mostly in English with subtitles.

When I asked 'where are you that is 2910 Kms away?' He replied Berlin.

Common sense and a quick check on the internet - Berlin is about 400 Kms from where I am staying.

When I stated this to him - he quickly deleted me before I could report him as an imposter or fake.

Please beware of these creepy guys or people ..... I'm sure from looking on this site that the scam could have gone on and on. I'm tired of time-wasting criminal fantasists so wanted to tell others to take extra good care.

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