Kyle Wiles - Islandic - 60ish - Oil Rig Scam - Pick up - LinkedIn

by Kary
(Baltimore, Maryland)>; Kyle Wiles - Claims to be an oil rig engineer, "wife died of ovarian cancer, daughter Sue is in Medical school in Ohio," claims to be Islandic, but does not speak the language, phone switches frequently, pick up on LinkedIn, uses ecards and several email sites, claims rig injured employee and needs money or he will go to jail, just needed $150,000. Even fakes a dog, "mocha"

Cries really well, and pleads for money. Claims to be a Christian. Quotes a mean bible verse! Speaks like he is Asian. Terrible grammar in writing. He can barely converse in English. Calls and texts daily, emails long emails full of nothing. Sends u-tube songs to "listen to at night."

Works on an Oil rig, "turbine broke." Employee hurt. He is responsible or will go to jail.

Claims dual citizenship in Iceland and the US.

Copies text from websites, (I used plagiarism software as a teacher, so most of his emails came up as plagiarized!

( :

Loves emoji's, calls women "his Princess" Darling and "his love."

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Mar 11, 2021
Is he this guy?
by: Anonymous

Mar 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

OMB --I had the same thing happen to me! The guy was on LinkedIn. He contacted me, pretending to be Islandic, had a black shirt on, nice build. Said his daughter was the light of this life, and he had been in mourning for eight years for his wife, who died of ovarian cancer, and he was finally ready to try at a relationship again.

He saw my photo and could not stop thinking of me. I chatted with him a bit but realized something was wrong. At first, I thought his grammar was poor because he was Islandic. But so many things he said made no sense at all. He went from "let's be friends" to you are the "love of my life" in a week.

He sent me texts every day, "Good Morning, my love," and songs. He wanted to meet, and then said he had to go to Louisiana to be on the job. He called from Lousiana every night, professing his love for me. I did not believe him, asked for another picture. He sent a picture of him with a black lab, in his lap. So I believed him for about a week.

I corresponded with him. Then we were supposed to meet in person for a drink. He, of course, did not show. HIs phone said, "South Africa." Hmmm.....I began to go online and realized this was a total scam. I found Andrey R.'s photo on Russian Instagram.

I started to play with the scammer for weeks, leading him on. Then he begged for money, crying, saying they would kill him if I did not help him. I said, "oh, well."

He now sends threats, sends graphic photoshopped photos of me, threatens to kill my son and to kill me. I have reported him, all his phone numbers (9 to date), and his emails to Interpol, the FBI and the FTC, social media, and local authorities. These guys are using photos from Andrew R., a boxer in Russian.

Now with everyone working from home, they will scam more and more. I write this because his threats do not bother me. But the thought of him scamming women and having them believe he is the handsome Andrey Ryabinskiy? The voice and the name do not match.

Don't be fooled! Remember what your momma always said, "If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!" Stay safe out there girls; make them send you a photo of them with a daffodil between their teeth! Personalize the actual, find out who they are.

And don't believe a word they say, unless they are willing to meet you in a neutral place, your call, very public for a cup of coffee with your best girlfriend.

If not, tell them to bugger off!

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