James Miller from Lithonia, GA - Orthorpedic Doctor with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

by Anna
(Atlanta, Ga)

I matched on Tinder with a man named "James" and after some pressure to confirm his identity, he said his last name was "Miller". The profile also says that he lives in Lithonia, GA and went to Emory University.

His profile says that he is a consultant with UNHCR-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and he later claimed to be an orthopedic doctor.

He stated that he was mixed (he appeared to look more Greek), his father was from South African and his mother was American, from Washington, DC.

The first day we matched, he asked for my number and if we could chat on WhatsApp. I agreed. Later that night, I noticed that he unmatched with me on Tinder.

I pressed him for more information to confirm his identity and he could not provide any, just the run around. He then blocked me from WhatsApp.

He gave me the number of 470-799-0540 but no information comes back to that number. Beware of this fake profile.

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