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Liam works at CITI big Payroll
by: Anonymous- M

I knew from the beginning something was off.
He had a goldigger girlfriend, parents died, works a lot, flies to work from NYC to SF 3 days a week???? Has a sick sick friend, is going thru a lot. Lots and lots of things happening to him and that he has been very hurt. After chatting awhile and getting him to send me more pics then he asked for big money to close on a contract! Anyways the stories can differ. He just sounded too good and wanted to commit at 35?

I didn’t give too much personal info not even where I work. Nothing since I have read about scanners. I did want to believe him and that he was real. The pictures I got wasn’t of someone super handsome or my type but it was good looking.

So be aware! Maybe the old saying applies: Too good to be true it’s because it isn’t.

BE Careful!

Alex Larsen Asker Norway Oil Rig scam
by: Anonymous

Romance internet scam started on Christian Mingle. After 2 months courting me onlin he asked for $. I happened to see this site and the oil rig contractor story was used. Glad I found this site. Hate that he does this to other innocent victims. Whoever he is he will be judged in the end and I pray he repents prior to that or eternity will be a very nasty place for him.

I played the game and won
by: kathy obrien

I have written my story here before, as its how you feel afterwards, the hurt, the deceit, the way they get to you, how they can destroy your life.

I have 20 photos of my scammer and I found out about him through google image, and wow, did i get a shock, and it hurt, as i thought he was real.

I told this scammer about everything in my life, and I'm still hurting bad.

I never thought this could happen to me as he seemed so real. Well I have learnt my lesson and I didnt lose money but I lost my dignity and trust in men.

My heart was broken as i was just getting over the loss of my mum, and he was very convincing and showed me a lot of caring, so you can see why I was hurt, so please be careful as they are out there to hurt you not to luv you.

Just do what I did and go to google image as it helped me ,but the hurt is still there.

Be careful of dating web site photos.
by: Anonymous

Do the photos look like they are from a photography agency?

If Yes then you need to be careful as scammers can upload photos from anywhere. Ask the person you are chatting with to upload more photos. Ask them to take a photo in their backyard or in their lounge, or with their pet etc. When you find out what town/city they say they are from, look up that place on the Internet and find a famous park, statue or building, and ask for their photo in front of that.

If they come up with excuses, move on to someone who is genuine.

There is no excuse for their incapability of doing so, and do not fall for excuses. Look for details in photos backgrounds which may give you a hint of where they are taken and may conflict with where they say they are from.

If you see any suspicious detail in the photo, ask them where they got the photo taken, and get the photo checked out for authenticity. Do this immediately as this is key in beginning a friendship or relationship which will save your money and heartbreak.


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