Internet Dating Scam

by AL

My daughter,is divorced and looking for her soul mate through an online dating service. Just yesterday she VERY narrowly escaped being the victime of online dating scam.

She lives in Canada. The love of her life, whom she met online about 6 weeks ago lives in the U.K., civil engineer and was to come to Canada for a the month of June to meet her. He seemed to have plenty of money beause he worked so hard (!!) and all of a sudden he said he was coming here in April & was buying a house & was going to work as a consultant so he could be near her because he was madly in love with her.

Then he got a contract to build housing in an African country & yesterday he texted her that the custom officials were corrupt and demanding money from him & to make a long story short he needed $8,000. & he had no one else to ask except my daughter.

She almost fell for this because she truly believed him & didn't want to "leave a good person stranded." She went as far as to go the Western Union to inquire about sending money & there she saw a warning sign asking "Do you know the person? Did you meet him/her on the internet?"

This stopped her & she phoned me. I got on the internet right away & found your website & immediately forwarded the information to her. I thank God that this made her realize that this was a scam and her "love" was a fictitious person.

The stories these scammers tell are extremely believable and they sure know what a lonely woman wants to hear!

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