I was scammed by an adoptive family

by Andrea
(Beaumont,TX Jefferson)

I placed my child up for adoption in tx. I was wanting to do an open adoption which me and the adoptive mother stayed in contact.

After I was five months pregnant she pretended to be my friend and talked about how my child was going to be a blessing to her family and she would not disconnect me from his life. She phoned up everyday and assured me that the contact would remain the same. I was really letting my guard down and getting comfortable with her. Giving my baby up was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

I knew that I would have sleepless nights so I said bright side I will be up and I will check on you and the baby. She said it would be fine and the first day I did it there was a problem even though she knew that I was grieving she also got offended because I asked her about my childs stomach and how the baby was holding down formula.

Then I was thrown hints like I could have left the country with him. After all these events took place she changed her number but before that we had a promised date to visit. Now I know nothing and its been nothing but heartache and pain for me.

People be careful and aware of those open adoption lies. The agency is for the adopted family not you and don't trust the adoptive families.

I should have kept my child and put my dreams off a little while longer. God would have made a way mothers don't give up without a try.

They will tell you anything to get what they want and they want you to feel sorry for your situation

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