Has this happened to anyone?

by Lynne
(Clawson Michigan, Anerica)

This is the fifth scammer I encountered last year! But I wonder. Did anyone ever experience someone who started out as a scammer, but later urged honest? (Or “Once a scammer, always a scammer”!)

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Feb 02, 2022
Once a scammer, always a scammer
by: Anonymous W

Do not think you can convert a scammer or that they converted themselves. They are mostly from Nigeria and Ghana. They see how many Americans dress, vehicles owned, houses lived in. They think we are wealthy. They are brainwashed that we hate black men so they believe we deserve to lose everything we have.

In fact, they celebrate destroying us. I cornered a scammer who finally came clean after I promised not to call the police in Nigeria with the proof I collected. He promised that he converted and would never attempt scamming again. He kept in touch. I will confirm that he finally admitted to continuing his scamming because our women can afford it. He after months later asked me for a gift card. Meanwhile in live chats I saw his clothes, jewelry and music recording studio.

Please do not believe what they say. Try to distance yourself from them, delete them from your life. You will never meet them, they do not love you.

End communication asap.

Jan 31, 2022
Scammer turned honest
by: Kim

Hello, I've seen other posts of scammers fessing up. I gave the person who scammed me plenty of opportunity to come clean but it never happened...just anger that I dared accuse him of scamming me.

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