Handsome widower, lost his son, or was it his daughter? ... he's happy and ready for love again

by bas
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

He's extremely handsome, very charming and personable, very responsive, into the conversation... wants to know everything about you... very caring, compassionate... and falls in love with you! He's sooooo perfect.

Hi my name is Bettina and I was addicted. For nearly a week I felt like I was in love! lol!

He's a widower, his wife died of breast cancer 5 years ago (later it was 4 years, also 2 years) and he loved her so much, he's tearing up. They had twins, but his son passed away too (he misses him so much). Now his daughter is 13 (or 14) and lives with a teacher while he works as a petroleum engineer on an Oil Rig in the North Sea off of Aberdeen, Scotland. He prays and asks God for guidance. He hates liars.

Trust me, ladies, he is sooooo convincing!

But when the red flags start, listen to your gut!
He repeats some info that he's already told you. But leaves out other info that he thought he told you because he's actually told to someone else.
If you look at his Followers, they are all single women.

If you research his name on Instagram, he has 5 other accounts:

Harry Martino Watts, Harry Martino, Harry Watts, Harry M. Watts, etc.

On those other accounts, his son is alive and his daughter has died! When I asked why he had different IG accounts he said his work colleague is using them. No further explanation.

He sent me a long email of what he wants in a woman, asked a lot of questions about love. Really, really seemed genuine. But the email sounded strange, a bit like it was cut and paste out of a book!

Late night conversations were interrupted because he had to fix an emergency on the rig. (like text another woman). Then he'll be back and say he missed you soooo much. Couldn't wait to talk again.

Beware, beware, beware. He is a smoooooth operator.

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Oct 31, 2017
by: Bettina

I keep stringing him along, pretending I'm interested to see what his goal is. Today he sent me an email that was pure sexual filth.

I'm not sure if his eventual goal is monetary, not sure how he'll progress from here!

I feel sorry for the man whose identity and pictures were stolen.

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