Hakeem Usman, Sandnes/ Stavanger- Norway

by Ella Lenseh
(Krefeld;NRW, Germany)

Met a guy sometime last March thru FB who is working in an oil rig somewhere in Sandnes Norway, connected to the Exxon Mobil oil Company being sponsored by Hallburton with the name under MR.HAKEEM USMAN.

This guy requested me to connect thru Viber and eventually thru Yahoo since it was the only means he could have with me with IM or calls

Conversations were good enough to believe, trust and give him confidence he wasn´t a scammer. We fought a lot since there are instances that he tends to pressure me with the needs of money, no matter what for ...payments for drilling equipment which was lost under his time of duty, airfare, deposits to enable him work with his team in an oil rig last but not least...after he got the money he needs which was about 15K euros, he then ask for another 3k euros for a private hiring of a chopper to get him out of the rig.

Since I was crazy in love with this guy, knowing that he´s not one of those pigsters left in this world, assuring me his ultimate love and everything, as long as he gets out of the rig, he will pay everything because it will be his debts not mine and he´s a person with humble, respecting words of promises, etc.

And if I could make all possible efforts for him, our Life will be just different after all this obstacles, trials and challenges what´s going through. Now, I´m left alone with this misery, living with debts and asking myself...why am I so stupid, naive, idiot. Why I came to trust
this person, distracting and ruining my whole life, my marriage and my friendship to everyone.

I told him, this story will go viral since I was trying to catch him up how he reacts when I told him I´ll send an email to his main office in OSLO, make enquiries over him, i was interviewed by a police officer in our place and everything he´s telling me was impossible after given enough hints.

He was still 100% sure and reliable he is not a scammer. He was telling me, I just have to trust him again and again and again. He respects his words of honor and I just have to be a lil´patient of everything.

I have enough chances and advices from all over, but still I feel I was addicted to this relationship that I allow myself to this downfall.
What matters is, he was so kind, caring, affectionate and feeling responsible to my life after he partly knew of my life story. That I was been a victim from scam, my sister and he even was telling me his foster Dad died of heart attack because of this scam reason too, so we deliberately had the same sympathy.

He was relating of wishing a happy family after he lost his wife and has a daughter living in a boarding school in Malaysia which happens to send me mails and allow me more empathy to share with.
This is the saddest story of my life!!! I hope and wish always and EVERYONE....never ever give your TRUST to strangers you haven´t seen in life.

This is the biggest lesson I have ever learn.

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Aug 07, 2015
Hakeem Useman victim
by: Terri

I feel so sorry for your losses! After he told you his name did you start investigating his background? There are too many victims like yourself that are out there being hurt because of these types of people.

Monsters really.

Everyone should know NOT TO SEND MONEY to someone you don't know. Every time I come in contact with a scammer I start investigating them, then let them tell me their story, and then I reverse the scam on them and tell them MY sad story and that I need money desperately.

Of course I don't hear back from them. LOL!

There are scammers on every dating site in the world. Just use your common sense, do not trust anyone that you have not met in person, and once again, NEVER, NEVER send anyone money. They sit in an office somewhere making up fake profiles and are saying the same things to 50 people at the same time just to get money.

Good luck to you, and everyone else out there.


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