Gift giver scam

by Puce

I tried an online dating site for a week. During that week, I was lured by a handsome man posing as a widower and single for 4 years. He was also a father of a 13 year old child. He fell in love with me right away and wanted to get serious after 2 days.

Nobody does that in their right mind. This was the first flag of something not right.

Then we thought it would be fun to have a date when he returned from his overseas job. The next day, he wanted my address to send a gift before he was able to come. I was a sucker and stupid at that and gave him my address! Dumb dumb dumb!

Then, the next day early in the morning I get this urgent email that he sent my gifts. He photographed all of the gifts and wrote me a letter with everything written out as far as what the gifts were. This is the topper!!!

He said that in the same box of one of the gifts was 50,000 pounds. This equals about $79,000.00

He said he was sending the money ahead of time so he would have "pocket change". As well as money for me to make his hotel arrangements. Who walks around with this much money?

Long story short, he had so many excuses for that amount of money. He finally got angry with all of my questioning and said he canceled everything and not to email him anymore. Then, like a naive soul that I am, I apologized for my questioning him and for not trusting and having faith with what he was telling me.

He accepted my apology for all of the "drama" I created. He then started to tell me how stressed he was because of what was happening on his job site. Again, I felt badly! I added extra stress to his life! I said let me know if I can help with something. He asked me if I can contact a particular party for his job and basically this would save his ass.

He had no money offshore and this other place needed a down payment on a boat that would help deliver what he needed to restore order in a water contamination spill.

So if I could contact the boat company and help with the arrangements that he would be so appreciative. I wrote back saying that I couldn't do that. No word after that!!!!

So be careful ladies! He goes by Melvin Salvatore and if you skype with him, you'll never see his face. He also has a very nice profile that he thoughtfully wrote for the dating site.

My lesson learned!

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