Gareth Alex

by Annonymous

He friend requested me on Instagram and I accepted because of course his profile picture was handsome. He looked like he worked out and was a traveler as those are things I have interest in. After I accepted his request to follow me and sent him a request to follow him, he messaged me and said he liked me, liked my smile and told me more detail about his job and relationship status.

He was divorced because his wife cheated on him, single for two years. He was born in Birmingham, England and grew up in Israel but said he only spoke English. He said he worked as a marine engineer working on sea 3 months and then 2 months on shore for holiday.

Then he convinced me to get a Gmail email to chat on hangouts because on the ship he does not use Instagram to chat. We started chatting on hangouts multiple times a day. He checked on me to see how my day was going, how work was, what I have eaten and showed his care and concern. He showered me with compliments how much I meant to him only after chatting with him for one week.

We video chatted on hangouts and he looked nothing like his pictures on IG. He told him this and since then he did not video chat me anymore. We talked with voice using hangouts. He had an accent that I couldn't pin and then he said he would be leaving to sail. Although there is a big time difference, he still chatted with me throughout the day even in awkward times of the day for him. He later told me he lost his cell phone at sea taking a misstep and this was a bigger red flag to me that this relationship was not going the direction I was hoping.

I eventually found this site and found too many similar stories. He types with choppy English using the word 'my dear' too much, professing his love for me too quickly and not sending real pics of himself.

His gmail email he uses on hangouts is

I have blocked him on IG and hangouts and will be more careful before giving me heart to a stranger who is so far away.

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