Free money for good citizen. HA!

So I got a call from 202-735-3862, the man had a very thick Indian accent and claimed that he worked for the US Treasury Dept and that I was one of the 1500 people in my area selected to recieve a personal grant for being a good citizen with no criminal record, no credit card debt, etc, etc.

Right away this made me skeptical for not all of that is true, but he said that a while ago I had signed up for a credit card and this will help me finalize my steps. That I did do so I played along with him for a while to get some extra information, with no intention of giving any real information out.

How would anyone know that I applied for a grant almost exactly a year ago and the bank I use.

After I started asking serious questions like how can I verify this, How did you get my number (I just got the phone not even two weeks ago) he became very strange and hung up the phone. Thinking maybe I miss-heard him on some stuff I called back and ended up getting a woman answer the phone instead. I asked her what was going on and she said the same thing, I then asked to speak to her manager or boss.

She acted like she didn't hear me and said "if you don't want the money that's fine I'm not going to force you to take it" I told her to put me through to her manager or put me on the do not call list. She went on saying that I could go to for more information. I then realized that I was at my computer and could look all of this up and that's when I came across this scam.

So I hung up and looked for the proper people to inform. I did one other entry like this. Sad that people do stuff like this to others. There are some really great people out there....then there are some really bad.

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