Free Government Money?

by Sonseeahray
(Vallejo, California)

I received a couple of calls from an alleged department of the United States Federal Grants Office, that I didn't answer. I hadn't answered because the incoming call number wasn't the standard 10 digits ... it was +2610.

It was the 4th or 5th call that I finally answered. The woman who called had a thick accent that I couldn't identify, but she stated that her name was Jenny Smith. She read her script on the free $9,000 personal grant, then instructed me to call (202) 798-0454 to a supervisor to confirm my grant approval. This guy also had a thick accent and stated that his name was Kevin Luther. 'Kevin' told me I had 3 options on how to collect the money; direct deposit to my bank account, pre-paid bank card, or Western Union.

I chose Western Union, and he told me I would have to buy a $200 iTunes card for registration purposes so they could verify my identity; all the money from the card would be returned. Admittedly, I really wanted that $9,000 because I'm on a fixed income and I'm disabled. My desire to suspend disbelief and follow the instructions was pretty strong, so much so that I went to Walgreens to buy the iTunes card.

The next person I spoke with from the Scummy Scammers was the male receptionist (who had an accent), who transferred me to yet another manager, Max 143, who also had a thick accent (I didn't hear one American accent on any of the calls. Not even in the background voices.)

Max had an answer for everything, including why he couldn't send me an email. Long story short, my intuition shook me out of my needy greedy haze, just in time. So, here I am telling you all about my experience.

Bottom line, the government doesn't do much of anything for free, and certainly never in the same day.

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Sep 26, 2017
Sorry this is not true
by: Yvonne

Yes I was called by Justin Williams telling me I have been approved for 9000 and the same thing I have to buy a money transfer for 250.00 and I would get the money back omg.

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