Franklin Kim (IG: franklin_kim1)

by Anonymous

I was contacted at Instagram on 5 Jun2019 by this guy named Franklin Kim (IG: franklin_kim1) who claimed himself to be a Korean American who works at Exxonmobil as engineer in LA and attended UCLA’s mechanical engineering program. We moved our conversations to WhatsApp where he used a US number +1 208 2195808. We texted and even spoke on the phone via WhatsApp almost on a daily basis. On 24 Jun 2019, he claimed to be sending a parcel to me which includes a ring for myself and a present for my daughter.

I asked for a reference number and he gave me a website for this logistics company Quick Delivery Post (

On 27 Jun 2019, I was contacted by this other guy who claimed to be dispatching the said parcel to me, via WhatsApp and his number is +852 6373 5917. This courier guy asked me to make two payments on 27 Jun 2019, and failed to produce any documents issued by Hong Kong customs. On 28 Jun 2019, the courier guy contacted me again and claimed that Mr Kim stashes huge amount of money inside the parcel, and I must make another payment of around USD127.5k to clear this declaration/clearance issue.

I demanded official documents and asked for location of the checkpoint where the parcel was held up by customs, and I never got any details. When I threatened to report the case to Hong Hong police, the courier guy sent me an image of “united nations anti terrorism certificate Form A36542”. Meanwhile, Kim kept asking me not to rush to police as this may sabotage his career.

At the end, I did file report with Hong Kong police with all the details.

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