Frankie Harrison

by MJ Olinger
(Loveland, CO USA)

Frankie contacted me via Zoosk dating site Oct 2021; requested we close the Zoosk account to be exclusive and build a relationship. He was working on getting a contract in Arkansas City; had a home in Hemet, CA; got the contract which took him to Dubai.

He claimed to be a subsea engineer; he sent me copy of his CA drivers license; German ID; copy of his contract; copy of his plane ticket from LAX to Dubai; sent pic of him with Dubai in the background (probably photo-shopped), sent a pic of his worksite (I found a date stamp of June 1, 2021, long before Oct 2021); and even a pic of him on the plane with a young boy sitting next to him.

Once he hit Dubai his work schedule was 8am - 10pm; his love notes came off internet sites which I tracked. I checked out his name in CA. and could not locate any Frankie Harrison. The address on his documents went to some industrial bldgs.

He used 3 different phone# 805-649-0996 951-394-3198 925-421-6791

All numbers not registered to anyone. Always had excuses for network not working; could not talk on the phone; wanted to text only because he was always busy.

He said there was an accident with 3 people injured and taken to hospital. A 4th person died.
His story line was he's an only child; wife and son died in an accident in Germany; no friends.

I tried to use reverse photo search but could not find a match. I feel sorry for the man who these scammers are using his photos.

There is much more to this bank account frozen due to account hacked by China; etc

I NEVER sent any money.

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