Frank Ward - Tinder Scammer Busted !! ~

by L Rene

This is the very short story of Frank Ward "Tinder" Scammer.

I met Frank Ward on Tinder on 5/14/2017. We struck up a conversation and quickly we move it to Hangouts. We had a quick phone conversation that was unbearable to listen too. He says he is a Ukrainian descendant living in Los Angeles.

He has a teenage daughter, is single for 4 years looking for Love. All the classic signs of scamming - he is alone, no family, I know the drill. During our exchange on Hangouts I asked if he would share a few photos. He was more then receptive sending a few of himself and daughter.

I saved them and opened them up and one photo in a business suit he has a campaign button with a last name and a county not located in California. So I googled the last name and county and low and behold the photos are actually of a local politician.

I am choosing to withhold the information as I have reached out to the person on social media to notify him a scammer is using his photos.

I am certain he will want to reach out and get the specifics.

How stupid can a scammer be to use political photos on a sleeze site like Tinder Ha hahahaha~~~~ OMG ~

All I have to say is Frank Ward.. .. .. You are "BUSTED" of epic proportions.

Once I gain the approval from the one whose identity was stolen I will share the whole story. This is EPIC

Annie Oakley Rides again !!! Yippie cayay

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