Fake bank accounts Frank sabastine, sebastine,

by Anonymous

Met him on Tinder. Frank Sabastine, Franklyn Sabastine, Frank Sebastine. He explained his accent as being Belgium but sounds African. He had a Job in Cyprus, so we could not meet. He promised to make it up when he was back in the States and he had a US telephone number.

His IP for his bank was not working, so he claims he trusted me to wire money to pay for supplies for his company. The bank website was fake, and he then had issues with his bank freezing his millions which you can see when you log on the fake bank website. He used a small bank in North Carolina, so it seems real.

He needed 5000 to get back to the US, and he should be trusted. He had only one bank account which made no sense. He claims the Hotel let him leave without paying the bills, but held on to his passport. He refused to video chat to verify identity but begged for money.

I told him I became a lesbian, which ended the scam.

Making up the fake website for a small bank is something I have not read about on these type of sites.

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Oct 03, 2021
Fake bank account
by: Anonymous

Similar story for my mother-in- law. Watch out for any guy with 2 first names but Allen Liam / Liam Allen / Jerry Allen with a 32 year old daughter, a 13 year old son in UK and allegedly sends checks from Rancho Silverado Stables, LLC to reimburse you but the checks always go missing in FedEx or mail and he always sends a picture of the check he is sending you.

Then he sends to you a fake bank account where he has put you as an authorized user so you just have to fill out a form with your bank account information, but it's okay because he gives you his login information to this fake bank account where you cannot make any edits to profile like address change, or change password.

Dec 31, 2017
Frank Sebastine
by: Cynthia

Does not matter what approach this lying scammers use they always want one thing and that's your 💰

Do not play with these guys as they will take your money and disappear while talking to other women all over the world.

No need to know of someone who has heard this lie or not keep your money to help your future.

I have heard and read so much junk I do not send any money. You could also get caught up in a money laundering scheme and lose your money in your bank account, your job, and your house so do not play these games.

Talk to someone in your home town where you can actually meet for drinks an dinner.

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