Facebook scam

by Felicia

So I met this man 4 weeks ago. The first week was normal conversation. The get to know one another....the second week he was telling me he was in the U.S. military. That he is deployed in Afghanistan. He is coming home in December. I kind of thought okay.

My brothers were in the military. It wasnt until he asked me certain questions I was suspicious. During one conversation he mentioned to say he loved me. I had my guard up and told him its impossible.

During the third week I did my search about online social networks scam. Reading and reading. I decided to keep going...I also noticed that this person stole some military guys picture and information.

He had 3 profiles open on his name: Ryan Halsey.

I looked at the real Ryan profile and he is stationed in fort carson. So back to the other person who I am chatting with. I paid close attention yo what he says. Notice he repeats information, and sometimes he just blabs anything.

So at the last day I asked him to call.

Lets chat on the phone. He got nervous. Saying he couldn't. Saying the connection isnt good. The commander had taken his phone. So I gave him sweet nothings and he fell for it. He called saying he is Ryan, his son needs money. He got sick from musical school.

Please send money.

I told him that its strange because your accent doesn't sound like you are from Alabama. I knew for 2 weeks this is a scam. Please stop with these lies. He got mad and began demanding this is not Felicia.

You better watch out.

I m like yea. Your caught. Leave me alone
I now have to report this to the police and I cant believe people.

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