Enter Baldric B. Adel

by SLH
(United States)

AKA Christ_0410 from Match.com. Another beautiful writer and smooth talker and yes for a smart woman that I consider myself I fell for it hook line and sinker.

He is very convincing, calls daily, emails beautiful poetry, promises, and basic normal conversations, pictures of him and his son , and yes he is widowed. Originally from London, working in Africa but of course did not leave for Africa until after we started dating.

Thats when money requests came and all coincided with political country events making them more plausible, the strike in Nigeria, removal of officials, and even after confronted with this sites info as he is named with his company, Star-Tech Construction Company from London he spent two hours trying to convince me this was inaccurate info placed by an angry potential match!

I have emailed the federal fraud agency from the site to inquire on validity of his visa and passport. Seriously names, birthdates, flight itineraries, 100 plus questions answered without missing a beat before I trusted him, uses faith and God in his game and truly plays the injured broken hearted man right now.

Thank God it was only 2 months, not enough money to hurt me, and really made me see that my ex of 25 years is not such a bad man after all. This has actually been a good thing believe it or not.

Ladies unless you are in danger with your REAL man, keep the honest ones who love you close and forget the promises of losers. Life is not a fairy tale.

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