by Tanya Kasim

I met my potential scammers on Twitter, actually, one of whom used a real estate agent's picture as his profile pic on Twitter and claimed to be a father of two beautiful flowers, just to start a friendship with me. It wasn't until he found himself in a pickle late last month that I found out what he was really up to.

He claimed that he needed an exit permit to see his daughter Lily. I did a search on this "Dennis Marguilles" and found out that the picture of the real estate agent is not one of this oil rig engineer. He came back on Twitter and accused me of finding fault with him! I blocked him, though.

Now, I'm no expert on oil rig engineers, but from what I've read, they're well provided for, they work hard, and they have families back home waiting for them; what kind of oil rig engineer needs to beg for money, when the company they work for is responsible for their expenses?

All I can say is, ladies watch out for this guy and block him.

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