Does anyone know...?

by Leeanne
(New York, NY, USA)

I think I've been scammed but I'm not sure by someone claiming to be self-employed providing security for buildings and companies. He claims to be in South Africa for the work but originally from Melbourne Australia and has a teenage daughter. He's asked for money to fly him home but supposedly was in an accident and couldn't make his flight. He has sent numerous pictures that seem valid. The only thing is that I can't seem to find a trace of him on the internet.

Another man is claiming to be an oil rig engineer and professes his love after a few conversations but he's waiting for a contract. Perhaps once he has "gone" to the rig he will ask for money. I don't know. Again, I can't find traces of him on the internet. But the oil rig story seems like a fake to me.

Anyone know a JOhn Smith or a Jacob Anderson out there in the scam world?

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