Dennis Aldorf Marine engineer

by Ginny Zuck
(Millersville Pa USA)

I was on a dating site and all of a sudden a Dennis Aldorf came on saying he liked me. Said he was a widow for 4 yrs and has a 17 yr old daughter named Dorothy. He said he was in Venezuela and couldn't get money to his daughter and asked me if I could send her money.

To this day I still haven't sent any. My oldest daughter told me about this scam. Thank god for her because everything that everyone has been saying fits him to a tee.

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Sep 21, 2017
Dennis Aldorf
by: Cynthia

Ok case in point anyone from any foreign country or any ties state they are any type of Engineer, Doctor or Scientist they all lie.

With these type of career why dont they date someone close to where they live.

Bottom line do not send any 💰 to any of these crooks. Support your family and not pay their rent or car payments as they take expensive vacations on your money

With all this stuff on Dr Phil you would have thought we all know this stuff is a scam.

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