DAVID O. From Poland, Houston and Bethesda Md.

by Kristine

My story is no different. It began just a few short weeks ago. We met on Bumble. We matched, i liked his photos, 2 were with his kids? They were in boarding school. His wife slept with his best friend and he caught them in the act. We went onto private email and he deleted his Bumble acct immediately.

He sent a detailed well written letter of his bacground, going to school then his paremts moved to TX. He went to TX A&M. Worked in the oil biz for 20 yrs, now starting his on biz. He is in his early 50s. Pictures of a handsome man, has an accent and looked like a sweetheart.

He sent some pics right away when I asked him. So seemed legit. Then, as we got to know one another he professed his love quickly lots of terms of endearment, baby, honey, love. I first doubted when I received the first love note, one he didnt obviously write. I questioned it and should have followed my intuition then.

But we continued on. I received one that I found the same letter on a love letter website, then he sent love songs, shorter love poems and daily confirmation of his undying love. We are talking about a 3 week period. Luckily I ask a lot of questions and do my homework.

Read about these oil rig engineer scammers and yes he is supposedly in the Arctic off Ontario on a rig and just asked for an itunes card today. He fits the profile to a T. Almost amusing, but really it is sick. A man has that low of integrity, lack of any ANY morals, just a total scumbag. So, i havent let him know the jig is up yet but plan too today.

With much joy in doimg so. What a LOSER. He will get an email disintegrating his character along with I love that women's idea of a song to tell him its over. I was waiting for the itunes request or a request for a westerm union request. He is not getting money from me. Now I am so anti social media. What stinks is, he was the first real interest I had in anyone on a dating site.

No more for me.

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May 07, 2018
by: Anonymous

I wonder, are there any real or honest men on the site? Exactly the same, well ask the honest men and my sons always says but Mom, they are there, be patient. Now I have seen one. I found him nice and what is he - a damn cheater.

Perfect english, perfect German. My goodness thanks to these modern inventions like google translator there is my English nonsense against that

Sorry, that's why I'm Swiss

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