by Penny

Does a Michael Roberts ring a bell?

We contacted each other on Plenty of Fish, chatted for about 2 weeks, and I really thought he was genuine even thought warnings were flagging up. He claimed his Dad died and left him a house in Southsea Portsmouth, who was British and his mother American, who was still alive in America. He had 2 children and his late wife passed away in 2012. Now looking for the love of his life.

He claimed to be working in the ARRAN FIELDS on a rig owned by Shell and that his contract was shortly to finish and would be living at Portsmouth setting up his new business in commodities (oil). He skyped me once and his face tallied with photos he sent. The picture broke up after about 30 seconds and was told skyping not allowed on the rig and problems with it being radio active. I smelt a rat when he said he went fishing and caught Barracuda fish, "what, in the North sea?" then a photo of a tanker, and thats when I checked with marine info in Darwin Australia.

Then after 2 weeks he hit me with he was concerned, and I asked why and he replied,"my mothers carer is leaving tomorrow and she has not been paid for 2 months, and I have no access to my bank account on the rig." So I offered to contact social services in California and asked for her address, and of course that went down like a lead balloon, and he knew he had been rumbled and was upset I would not help him (His words).

We signed off with me sending a message,(You are not a very good scammer and should get a real job)and with that he erased all our conversations.

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Nov 10, 2018
Michael Roberts
by: Anonymous

To Penny: Bravo to you!!!! You didn’t fall for his scam. Wish more women knew about this site!

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