Dating scam

by Sylvie T

First I met "John Stephen" from paltalk. He chatted with me for a while then ask me for a pic and cam. I told him I can't do paltalk cam so I suggested him to use Skype instead.

He installed skype and I found him there. He said he is working for gas and oil company in Saudi Arabia and will be back home to USA this coming September. He said he is a widower (wife died on car accident) with a 14 yr old son who goes to boarding school in California called Cate school.

He praises me and adores me with so much beautiful words you cant imagine. He loves me till death do us a part. He's a really caring person and polite person. I sent him some of my pics and he sent his. So I guess he's gonna use my pics to scam people in the future and it makes me feel bad.

He introduced me to his son "Louis Stephen". He said his son will communicate with me through FB. I searched and I searched but couldn't find his son's FB page until he asked me my FB account name. His son sent me FB messenger with so sweet introduction, we msg each other and he said he's going to celebrate his birthday and invited me to come to his birthday. Since I live in Texas and he live in California so you know I can't come due to my job here. He instead asking me to help him with his birthday cake that cost $550! Well, he's in boarding school and daddy works in oil rig sounds $550 is nothing for them.

Lucky I raised a big question about his son's FB account. He was born August 8, 2002 and his FB page show nothing but "POSTS 2002". I thought hey he was born 2002 but how come it shows "POSTS 2002"? He was a stillborn at that time then someone must create this FB account for so long to scam people. Why can't his daddy make any phone calls to his son or to me at all. I google about people who work in gas and oil company. I found one that you can make a phone call once a time for just 6 minutes.

Yup, he lied plus I found this and read all those sharing stories so similar to mine.

I checked on his paltalk ID: wjohn12_1, I asked him what his ID mean and he couldn't explain it to me and kept telling me "Honey I have told you before I think you have forgotten". He asked me if his son contacted me (communicate with me). I said "yes, and Louis asked me to send him $550 to help him buy birthday cake". He said sorry for what his son said but he told me better to send Louis $550 as a gift to make him happy. I told him why don't you send him money since you have a lot of money (he promised me to buy me new brand car after married and live in a huge house he has oh and buy me big diamond ring).

He said he can't send money from Saudi Arabia 😜 and begging me to send money to Louis who already called me "mom"!! I told him "William or John stephen you look so different from your pics you sent me with your profile pic. John: Honey I told you I look younger because I always eat virgintary.

Here's the rest:

John: Honey what do you think about me Me: I can't send my money to your Louis Stephen. I don't think you're real john or William Stephen John: Honey have you not seen me on camera before, why can't you send him money?

Me: You're the one suppose to send him money for his birthday cake Because you made 1 little mistake on Facebook account and I realized you're not real. (At that time I tried FB messenger voice call and video call but his son didn't pick them up).

John: Well I see you don't trust in me

Me: I trusted you until I see Louis Stephen fb acc and yes I don't trust you.

John: I can't send money from here

Me: I can't send my money to Louis either

John: OK

Me: OK

Then PUFF they disappeared for good. I just feel relieved since he's the one who really fell in love with me (said I love you so much and you mean the world to me every single time we skype) and I never said I love you too.

I saved my heart, my money but not my pics and FB acc. I'm sorry if people out there who are being victims with my pics and FB profile...

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Aug 07, 2017
ED: Contact Info Share
by: Anonymous

To ED: please do connect me with the poster, should she be agreeable to this. Let me know if I need to do this another way.

ED: If you both wish to contact each other and provide me with your emails I will exchange them.

Aug 07, 2017
Mark James ourtime
by: Helen

Another one seems to have found his way to me. He actually took down his profile. He was so handsome. I knew right away he was a scammer.
This was his email. I am not vulnerable nor am I lonely. I have a beautiful life. These guys cannot get to me.

I read this and was like really ? Everyone should call his number. Lol.

Helen You're one of a KIND. I've never had an amazing woman like you before email me lol. I'd love to meet you someday if destiny permit. I will rather keep talking to you alone than communicating with a lot of women at a go. I've been on the dating site for just 2 weeks now off and on due to my work but I do get tons of messages from women but most of them don't seem like what am looking for. Most are just looking for a guy to hang out and have fun with for one night stand and am not for that. I’m searching for my long life partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE! I feel so lucky exchanging E-mails with you! I'm serious about finding that special

I'm originally from Germany Berlin, later moved down to California Los Angeles and lived there for several years before I finally relocate down here now due to my business associates. My Son name is Ben and he's such a wonderful little boy, I have his full custody. I've been
single for 3 year now and haven't dated anyone ever since my divorced because I've been working plus taking care of my little boy and I don't like going to the bar scene to meet women because that's not a good place to find Love I think. I'm taking my time to find the real one and who knows maybe i just did by finding you on match. I'm self employed and I work from home as a private
Civil Engineer Building and Construction.

I really want to focused on you and get to know everything about you because you seem so serious to me! But do you think you're ready
for that wonderful Journey with that special man??? I need to get some sleep now and will write you a whole paragraph about me later in the day . here is my cell phone number 323 638 7099 if you don't mind sending me a text. Looking forward to your text..


Aug 07, 2017
Name commonalities
by: Anonymous

I've noticed a lot of them use two first names for their first and last names, e.g. John Stephen, that's usually a signal for me. To the poster who plays the game, would be interested in learning some of your tactics. I can't share my contact info on here as I think "he" monitors it. Not sure how we can connect?

ED: If you wish to swap contact details and don't want it visible send your details with a request to swap but not list your email. When I have received both your email addresses I can send each of you the other's email.

It does require both of you to want to do that for it to work.

Aug 07, 2017
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous


They (scammers) are all over social media - snap chat, facebook, tinder, bumble, POF, our time, match....its Not mutually exclusive to fb. Dating scams are prevalent because there are vulnerable women willing to believe in them and their script. is very scripted. Dont believe that its really real. Most are from Africa and its bad there as they are doing what they need to live. It doesn't make it right - its, survival.

Ive communicated with many of them and some open up snd share there story. You are not THE first so just be vigilant...they will suck you in with all the loving charming words you want to hear. At the end of the day its money that is the catalyst.

Get out now as this game is not an easy game of wit. You've got to be STRONG, BLOCK and delete them.

Ive played them at there game to nauseam. They are smart and know how to play in your emotions.
Im on my last game. One of 12 months of constant contact with my scammer. A game of wit and intellectual exchanges. Some are very smart and intelligent..let the buyer beware.

Dont play yur sanity for the real deal
Let pros like me thwart them at their game.

Good luck

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