datesite scammers

by kristy harrison

Well l have been on a couple of date sites and everyone that has contacted me has been a was a so called military man deployed in Afghanistan and a single father.

It started out just chatting and emails and then it hadn't been a week and all of sudden he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life taking care of me... well l don't fall in love that fast especially with a stranger on the internet that l know nothing about.

He continued with his love letters and l played along only to see how far he would go...then after 29 days all of sudden he had been shot...but still finding time to contact me and telling me he loved me... and then he dropped the bomb on me...he said he was in desperate need of $5000 but he could get half if only l could come up with the other half.

This was due to his teenage son back in the states needing money and he couldn't get access to his acount and he would send a messenger to pick it up... l told him l didn't have it several times but he kept insisting how desperate he was and would pay me back when he got home.

Well l contacted the military to ask of such a man and this is how l found out he was a fraud.

They told me the questions to ask this man that it was not confidential and he should know. So l did and he said due to the Internet he could give that information out.

So l just kept telling him no....and the more l told him no, the madder he got...this nice man had turned into a tyrant.

He was cussing me and telling me several things...l am glad that l'm not gullable enough to fall for this stuff.

So whatch out for those military men...the government has found out that scammers are using pictures of them and telling these woman of the horrible things they are going through over there, so keep your eyes open and watch for all red flags...

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