Charles Moffatt, Coffee Meets Bagel, Atlanta, GA/Aurora Springs,CO

by Missy
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

His backstory: Born in Switzerland. Dad died when he was young, so he moved in with his uncle in Italy. Has a sister and brother who live currently in Switzerland.

The photos he shows are a guy who could be Italian. Whoever this guy is, "Charles" has a LOT of photos of him - him with his brother, on vacation, at the beach, in the city.

He's an independent contractor for BP. Had to go to London for a "presentation". Won the contract, had to fly to China immediately to oversee production.

A million red flags, but I played along to see where it was going. He sent photos from London. I did a reverse image search and found them on various news sites. He sent a photo from China of him supposedly in front of a church there. Funny though... I recognized the church. I've been there - It's the cathedral in Milan Italy. When he sent photos of him and his "brother"... he said they were in Italy. I tracked those down online too--- Greece.

The money lead-up started when he was in "China". The factory workers demanded a higher salary, and he couldn't get the shipment fees paid at the wharf. I never offered money, and his texts/emails started being more and more infrequent.

I finally told him I knew that he was a scammer,
that I had traced his IP address from his emails and that they originated in California, and filtered through Nigeria.

His replies were rude. He called me a gold-digger, etc, etc. LOL

The photo and name he used was also a profile on FB. I contacted all the women on his friends list and let them know he was a scammer.

A couple replied in thanks, saying they had "met" him on dating sites, but another one said she was his girlfriend and that she was ready to leave her husband for him. I showed her all the proof I had, and a few days later, she said that she believed he really was in China.

I just blocked her. She was either a complete idiot or another scammer in on it with him.

He then deleted the profile image from the FB page and hid his friends list.

So beware! Charles Moffatt -- the photos are a very handsome Italian (looking) guy- late thirties, early forties.

I would be happy to provide the photos for this site if there is a way.

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