Charles Eamon Hugh claiming to be Orthopaedic Surgeon in Baghdad

by Marian

He claims to be Charles Eamon Hugh, an orthopaedic surgeon working for the UN in Baghdad. He leads a team of doctors. His parents are Irish (dad) and Afghan (mom). They loved across religous boundaries and were expelled by their families. So parents and sister died in air crash on 25 Sept 1987 which left him am orphan as his grandparents on both sides didnt want to claim him.

He was raised in Catholic orphanage. He lost a son at age 4 to cancer and his wife died 5 years ago. He has a daughter 16, who lives alone in LA with a nanny. He is very eloquent and the fact that he provides details can inspire confidence. Couple that with all the pics on Tinder profile I was tempted.

I explained to him that ive been in contact with a few fraudsters claiming to have the same job as he and though id like to pursue our connection i need to ne responsible and first establish proof of his identity. The tone of his texting changed and he challenged me to follow my heart...I actually replied that if im getting to know someone via texting then only my mind is engaged.

I unmatched him and reported him on Tinder.

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