Caribbean Cruise Line Scam

by JN

I was contacted by a survey firm and offered a free cruise if I completed the survey.

When I had completed the survey, I provided my email address so they could forward me a voucher for the free cruise. I was told I would be contacted within 72hrs with details on my cruise.

7 days later I was called by Caribbean Cruise Lines. I was told that this offer wouldn’t be available after i got off the phone and that I couldn’t think about it and phone them bac. I was required to put the money down $59 for the first 2 people.

They said it had to be a minimum of 2 people. I was advised that the money was to pay for the port taxes and to reserve a space on the ship, and that I had three days to get my money back. I checked out their website at: which looked legitimate.

I paid my money and they took details of my visa and address and email and phone number and told me that I would get my package within three days, and an email with more information on how to book my seat. They told me that there was no black-out dates.

Three days later, I hadn’t received anything so I phoned the number they had given me. They told me that the dates I wanted to go were not available for the class of room I won but I could upgrade for $350.00 to either a better room, or a 4 day cruise package.

When I asked for my refund, they told me the only way to get my money back was to resell the package to a friend, or they could extend the voucher for another 24 months, so I’d have 3 years to give them $350.00.

It is a month now and I haven’t received the package they promised.

I checked and found that this company has a history, and its from a Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines.

Be warned!!

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