Bradley C Wills Mr Everlasting love996

by Justine

I will make it real short. Widower with a 15 year old daughter. On oil rig in the gulf of Mexico (shirt on picture states Seawolf ONOME).

ONOME is an oil rig on the coast of West Nigeria that has been seized by the bank since late last year. First it was money for medicine, then money for oil, money for daughter, etc. I was stupid enough to deposit checks in my account on his behalf which of course were fraudulent and my account of 13 years got closed out.

Then I opened and another account for him, that got closed out as well. I took money out of my 401K to pay the bank and stupid me told him, then he needed help with his machine, guess what I helped him.

I have helped in the tune of over 30,000.

I am in debit up to my eyeballs. Stupid me believed his agent was in Nigeria and that is where I sent the money. After the third account being closed because "his friend" sent me a fraudulent check.

I finally opened my eyes and contacted some of the people that had sent me money on his behalf. Guess what they also had been scammed. I have reported to the FBI, I know they are busy and all but I just want them to get these guys.

I was very vulnerable and was taken for a horrible ride. Claims to be from the UK but his accent is horrible, like from Nigeria.

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