Beware of This Scammer

by LAGray

Ladies: Beware of Sammy a scammer who claims to be from Malasia. E-mail

Sammy says he is from Kuala Lumpur Malasia, claims his wife passed away April of last year, and has a child in London with a girl he met in a cafe.

He has a house in Kuala Lumpur he is trying to sell and move. (This is his bait).

I immediately became suspicious because of his photos. I immediately got them checked out and found out they were taken in Brazil. I asked him where he got his photos taken and his response was Malaysia, so I immediately knew he was a scammer.

I told him that the place he got his photos seemed familiar and as I was in Brazil before, he asked me where I thought they were taken and I told him.

He had no clue where these photos were taken as there was someone else involved in the scam who forwarded me the additional pictures I asked him to send me.

The e-mail which was forwarded also had big font and a suspicious way of speaking and spelling. This gave me the hint: There is someone else involved in the scam.

He asked me for my private id yahoo, and I spoke to him not very long before I caught on. I immediately ended the conversing.

Blocked him and reported him to His profile had already been removed as he had thought he had me as his target.


Ladies Beware, he may have made a new profile somewhere or maybe he is created a new one on the same dating website.

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