Beware of this man known as Bruno or Sergio

by Mary
(Kalamazoo, MI)

I received a friend request from fitbit from a man who claimed to be attracted by my smile. He claimed that age didn't matter to him (I was a good bit older than he) he was looking for the love of his life.

His story:
His wife died of cancer. He was left with a one year old child named Kiki who was being kept by a nanny. He was an engineer who completed contract work for oil production companies. (Common theme). He lived in Florida and his daughter lived in Tennessee with her nanny Elaine (or alternately Maria). He wanted to meet me in person after his contract was completed.

He professed love and trust and respect and would treat me like a queen.

He speaks with an Italian accent as does the nanny.

I spoke with another woman in Tennessee who was given essentially the same story. I lost $100; she lost nearly $2000.

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