Beware military scams

by Colleen
(Orange County, California )

I have been contacted many times by men who claim to live in Southern California, then when further questioned they say they are on a peacekeeping mission, usually in Afghanistan. Someone who has not achieved rank, in other words is still a seargent at age 50 plus is probably lying.

One man told me he was a 4 star general. There is a website that lists every 4 star general since the beginning of the United States and the number is less than 300. Oh, and their pictures are posted.

This is the scam I get most often. The other is men who have a second language other than Spanish. Usually, the second language is the first one, and even if their profile has decent command of the English language, it becomes evident after trying to keep a conversation going. I’m not saying all men who speak a second language are scammers, but it is a red flag.

I have had the same man pursue me under different identities at the same time, or the same group anyway. Too much overlap on details, especially both had a son the same age named Alex.

Michael Williams and Robert Miller were the most persistent. Luckily I only got scammed out of time and energy.

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