Be cautious if you receive any kind of social media request or profile on any dating site with this person photo

by Anonymous

There are lots of fake profiles on social media with different names. I got tricked by one too. He seemed very nice and handsome. His name was Collins Chan, and we met on Instagram. He was very loving and caring, even saying he'd give up his life if he lost me.

He proposed to me online and made many promises. He told me he was an Offshore Engineer and Marine Consultant working for Diamond Offshore USA, living in Austin, Texas. He said he was an orphan and grew up in different orphanages, including some in Colorado.

If you see a social media request or a profile on dating sites with his picture, be careful and block the profile right away. There are links below where you can see how many fake profiles have been using his picture and many other names for scams. If you see these photos carefully, I am sure this guy is not living in USA.;cat=19553;sortby=date;orderby=desc;start=0

To avoid being tricked, here are some tips:

1.Ask to send photos and if you receive photos 1st thing do the google reverse image search

2. Carefully try to understand the accent when they speak to you. You can easily understand the non-native English accent.

3. Ask the person to come on video call and he will give you may excuses such as signal issues, mobile device problem, he doesn’t want to make you sad seeing you every day on camera and then if he needs to go for an oil rig project and not able to see you there every day due to signal issue on the rig and it will hurt you as it is beginning of the relationship etc...)

4. If they still want to keep the relationship going until they achieve their goal, they might use deepfake or AI technology to fake a short video call. Don't believe it.

5. Final thing is just stop communicating with them and block the contact before he asks you to send money or gift cards to save him. (He will come up with very nice pre-planned scripts, fake project contracts showing project amount USD Millions to convince and manipulate you).

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