Badoo Scam - Sol Carolina

by Rick

On the Badoo dating website I got a match with a young woman of 22 years old on Badoo. Her name was Sol and supposedly lived in Miami. I chatted with her a few times and we lost contact for a while when I dated someone else. Eventually I returned to talking to her on Badoo.

She didn't speak much English, but I spoke enough Spanish for us to have conversations. We did both texting and video chats so I know she was in fact a real person. Eventually she said she was actually in Venezuela. Some things did not sit right with me so I did a social media search of her phone number and found it connected to an IG and Facebook account for someone she was friends with. It seemed odd, but I didn't say anything about it.

I kept talking to Sol for a couple months more just to pass time. One day she said she was in a bind because her country was going through economic turmoil and everything was overpriced. She asked if I can send her 50$ on an Amazon gift card. I asked about her work situation and her family. She said her dad is a coach on one of their professional soccer teams and she works at a restaurant along with her brother. She said she needed it to feed her family at least for this month.

She said she would fly out to see me the following month if I did her the favor. I was a bit suspicious about it, and I agreed to send her
some money, but not 50 bucks. I sent her 10 bucks. She got mad and told me I was cheap. lol.

Anyway we chatted for a bit and I told her that I would send her more on her upcoming birthday. We continued chatting every day until a few weeks before her birthday and I started to notice from our video chats that she was getting a lot of new stuff in her room. New decorations, new shampoo, makeup, perfume, furniture and so on. I became suspicious and started to ask her about her work situation which she said was the same and that they were still struggling to get money.

Well one day we were on a video chat and she had a visitor. She stepped away and I could hear her talking to another female and tell her that she was talking to one of the guys she was using for money. The girl that crossed into the video was the same girl I saw that was that had her phone number registered on her Facebook account.

I was super disappointed at what I heard. When her birthday was a week away she asked me if I could send her money and I told her if she needs money for food so bad why don't she go steal it like she probably stole all the new things in her room. She got mad and blocked me.

Then a few days later, the other girl messages me and tells me her friend is in jail. I deleted my account after that. Talk about a load of BS.

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