Austin Simmons / Jeffrey Schubert

by Renee

This is a story of my 9 month experience with Austin Simmons and recently Jeffrey Schubert who are both Tinder Boys.

I have a friend I made from this site and we communicate regularly about our experiences. I wrote about this under Nigerian Scammers. When I showed a photo collage of Austin and Jeffery she was quick to find me the following.

So my friend in another country found out this guy is all over Tinder and on Watch for Scams and Found as Martins Kelvin and Harry Cole James Bill and Hays Batte.

Pics stolen from a British man named Dean. Also as Gregory Giannu and Douglas Bohn. All on Tinder.

The 9 month dance with Austin Simmons was truly the match of all time since I have been baiting scammers. He is amazing, smart and articulate. Austin Writes impeccably not at all like the low budget scammers that start a sentence with "AM". The calls, texts and emails I have chronicled and will continue my blog and further write about the year and a half experience Baiting Scammers on Match, Our Time and Plenty of Fish.

It is truly amazing the sheer volume of these predators ready to take so freely from unsuspecting women.

I have baited enough scammers to be on Ghana and Nigeria's 10 most wanted Baiters. I have had more than I can count and some were extremely boring and then Austin is in a league all his own with his attention to detail.

It maybe time to put this quest to rest - well at least on Tinder. I am certain they all know me by now so I should move on to another pond.

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