Anthony Morrison - Hidden Millionaires Infomercial

by M M

When you go to one of his seminars, you soon find out that you have to pay $3995 for a system to buy Google Adwords online to generate leads for credit card companies.

And you are told you have to buy into the system then and there - you aren't given a few days to think about it.

So you pay thousands of dollars and a monthly fee. Then you pay Google and other search engines money per click to advertise. Then you find out you can't use the names of the credit cards your pitching as keywords. Everyone knows the only way to advertise a product is to put the product name in the keyword search.

Therefore, only the credit card companies will be posted at the top of the list and you will be wasting your money on advertising. This IS A TOTAL SCAM! I lost over $4000.

They will tell you that you need to hurry and sign up or you will miss out on the training program. Everything is so rushed your head will spin. They had lines of people signing around 10 or more pages of agreements!

If you go to the seminar mention all these things and see what they say. They NEVER MENTION YOU CAN'T USE THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE CREDIT CARD IN YOUR KEYWORDS OR ADVERTISEMENT! If they had mentioned this, NO ONE WOULD HAVE SIGNED UP. Maybe they can get away with it for awhile but it isn't ethical.

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