Another Oil CEO Engineer

by LJ
(Tucson, AZ)

Was contacted by a man George Ost from Gent Belgium. Said he lives in San Antonio Tx. Just was awarded a contract in Kenya with a company for 4.5 million USD. He calls me all the time and is very hard to understand, says he has an accent of French and German decent...who knows what that sounds like? lol.

We have been responding for months now, he is good looking, 59 years of age, has a daughter Jenny who is 18. Lost his wife to cancer and moved from Belgium to USA in 2001. He is on FB, but has no profile but the 2 pictures. Have researched in every area I know how and no info comes back on him or anything attached to the phone number he calls on.

He called me the other day and asked if I had a credit card to help him get computers and phones to him being he is out of the states. He is supposed to be in Nigeria, Kenya.

Of course I sit laughing absolutely no way!!! He texted me and said he was not asking for my money, just help through credit to get supplies. I have blocked him on FB. Will not answer the phone calls, just allow him to message and see if he tires of trying. I will block his number after I lose the entertainment value of reading his requests.

If anyone has had an experience with this man, please be careful, he has access to a lot of pictures when you ask for one. Not sure how to find out who he really is, but just by chance found this site.

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Feb 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

You can do a google search of the photos that he has sent you as that's how I found out about my scammer. He sounds very much like the guy that I was talking to.

Would you please send me a picture of him to my email and I will let you know if its the same man and if it isn't will do a search and let you know if I find anything.

Actually if you have 2 or 3 photos thats even better as sometimes nothing comes up on one and the other will explode with info.


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