Alexander Freeman scammed me from Facebook

by Lisbeth Evy Berg
(Trondheim, Norway)

I got a friend requst in the beginning of February, from Alexander. He told me he is a widower 69 years old. His son Anthony is 14 years old and lives with his uncle in Cape Town while Alexander is working at an oil rig in Canada ExxonMobil Hibernia.

He asked me to send an Apple laptop for his sons birthday, and his son called me back, said I was his mom - he loved me so much, just like his father. They called me on Viber, his sons phone number is

+27718779339; and Alexanders phone is


After a few weks his drillingmachine broker down, his son was hit by a car, he needed money for the machine and transportation of the machine. He could not pay the hospitalbill for his son and he was keeping on asking for money. GT

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