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Alex Carter
by: Anonymous

Alex F Carter says he is a fitness coach who is receiving a contract with ISO Pure company and is in need of $60,000 to get the contract. He is also trying to sell his services for fitness advice and says he is affiliated with weight watchers. He will try to be romantic with you, and he will ask for nude pictures, and he will ask you to marry him.

He will only take money in the forms of iTunes cards, gaming cards, or sending email money order to a cousin/sister in Red Deer Alberta Canada to exchange it into bitcoins to send to him. He will refuse to take money through money gram or western union and you can not send him an email money order to his email address.

I have contacted ISO Pure Company And weight watchers and they have never heard of him. I contacted somebody who friend requested me from his Instagram and she has said she has given him $15,000 but does not want to go to the police to verify his story because she is in love and soon to be married to him.

Alex Carter Fisher Island Scammer
by: Anonymous

This guy has scammed so many people including businesses.
- He claims to be from Munich
- He claims he was from a German mom and an American Father who abandoned them
- He claims to have recently reunited with his father who is dying from cancer
-He claims to have reunited with his estranged parents and daughter a Kayla, who is very protective of him
-He claims to have a home and Lumber business on Fisher Island,FL
-He claims to have won a huge contract in China, but is running low on funds to pay the workers hence the need to beg for money!!!!!!!
-He claims to be very rich, hardworking up at 5:00am, wants to Marry, retire, and bring the lucky bride to Germany to meet his mom.

ALL is fake!

Beware, very charming, not that smart! Can’t keep his Scam straight and claims a head injury. Funny if it was not so pathetic! He is scamming on the Hinge site.

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