Albert Danut Dating scam

by Anonymous

Names used: Albert Danut, Albert Timoftica, Albert Timothy, Danut Timoftica, Danut Timothy, among his many aliases IS NOT who he says he is. He claimed to be all sorts of things, was Romanian/Spanish and his mother was a doctor without boarders while growing up, so he’d lived in many places, a business man, a divorcee from Dallas, TX moving to San Francisco, a widower, a Chief Operations Officer (COO), successful, etc. He has/had a LinkedIn profile and a company website with his picture on it, as the Company Leader.

Truth is he’s a scam. He has/had a LinkedIn profile and a company website with his picture on it, as the Company Leader. Truth is he’s a scam. He’s very literate in his messaging, proper English, smooth, built trust in a seemingly natural manner. He found similarities and used those to build trust.

He invested a large amount of time (Nov. 2019-Jan 2020) building a scenario of trust, personal alignment, personal desires, make plans for the future based on supposed relationship progression. Yet, in reality he has zero intention of following through with his words. He made up a scenario where he was awarded a $7.5 million dollar contract with BP Oil to go out on a rig and drill for 125,000 barrels of oil over 3 weeks. Signed award letter from Bob Dudley, CEO BP Oil included Sounds legit, right?

A lot of time, energy, and trust progressed, promises made. All too good to be true, in hindsight. A month later a promissory note made and $15k loaned, then he blocked her number, LinkedIn contact, and won’t respond to emails. Poof, gone

Phone numbers used (972) 472-1760 (479) 275-2352 Apps used: Tinder, WhatsApp, Mobile number, Telegram. Good luck and stay away from this fraud. Listen to your instincts they won't mislead you.

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Mar 24, 2020
Tim Abhatha
by: Anonymous

Tim Abhatha on Hinge claims this time to be moving to Chicago but the rest of his story is the same. He’s not as smart as he thinks, and definitely insecure about himself and his aging looks.

Slimy. A liar and lacks any real intelligence.

Stay far, far away.

Mar 11, 2020
Danut Albert Timothy
by: Anonymous

Been talking to the same guy for quite sometime. He is indeed a big time scammer! I confirmed he's a con artist 2 weeks from when we started talking but strung him along. He doesn't operate alone so please be careful.

To those who unfortunately gave in to his financial woes, you may find him in San Diego and he is a frequent customer of a well known gym/bootcamp located at The Hub Hillcrest Market.

Jan 31, 2020
by: Anonymous

Now playing on WWF as
GEORGEALBERTO0089 Was also on there as TOMAS LAWRENCE.
Do NOT trust him. He is not who he says he is.
Ladies be careful out there.

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