Adams Gregory and more

by MP
(Sri Lanka)

I was contacted on Badoo by Adams Gregory from Florida, contracting engineer for Shell 25 yrs, Claims he is widowed with 15 years old daughter Ivy, 6 years ago when his wife died in car crash.

Ivy lives in boarding in USA -while he is working in the UK in an oil rig. He is a very good writer. +447012968021.

His accent is confusing not US. He is using stolen pic of Shawn Allen on netgog 2007. A very handsome man. On FB he has Adams Gregory, Kelvin Peterson, Denny Matson, Rob Chand and Robert Chandler and Smith Bernard.

There are other names he is posting on different sites. Kelvin walter1960 (netlog), also bryan Davinchi. Andersonpatterson@, Terry Mayer ( Francis Thompson.

There are other scam websites he is posted on as Andy Hill, Frank Smith, Peter Beaker and Mark Brandon. His IP is UK. I suggest you image google every Pic as it shows up everywhere. His daughter is known as Ivy but in other locations she is, Jenny Benny on FB and another scammer Elvis Walter and same man Robert Brotzman posts her pics and calls her Audry.

Adams is your dream man only brings nightmares.

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Jun 19, 2015
My first experience
by: Anonymous

I was contacted via Skype by (so called) David Mark who came from Texas, educated in the UK, his son was in Texas in a boarding school. I knew he could NOT have been an Orthopedic Surgeon by the way he typed.

Not once did he attempt to use the video, just typing. I kept asking him questions like "why can't you type in plain English", and I even commented that his (or her) writing is atrocious.

I never got any answers.

Then all of a sudden I'm told that he loves me and blah, blah, blah. I just said "Yea, right and then he asked ME to send in a request to Syria for him to come visit.

No way!

Then he tells me he needs $750 for the air travel back and he'll reimburse me when he gets here. I laughed at that and went along with it. YUP! Money Gram to Ghana.

I said I sent it to the address but spelled Gyana and he threw a FIT! LOL!

Apr 18, 2014
Gold digger
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by a woman with the nickname of Lydia. After chatting for over a hour, she told me she was going to Ghana the next week to distribute supplies to needy children that the nonprofit company from the UK had collected through donations.

She gave me the following yahoo messenger account to keep in touch with her:

She even sent gorgeous pictures of herself and they looked too much like a model than a person working for a relief organization. She even tried to get me to send her money for her internet cafe bills.

Once I told her I couldn't do that, contact became scarcer until I haven't heard from her since.

Watch out, because once you see Ghana, be suspicious

Feb 24, 2013
Expose them all
by: Anonymous

Well is important to spread the names that the scammers goes by with their criminal activity. Does any one knows a Jimmy J ? he contacted me on Tagged, so far no scamming intempt yet, but he claims to be American, living currently in USA, 14 years divorce with a 24 y.o son.

He is also an engineer. In my experience scammers like to post as engineers, they are always divorce or widowers and in charge of a son or daughter. So all the alarms fit in to this wonderful man (so far) I'm just giving him time to wait till he makes his first move which he probably will.

He writes perfect english, which is one thing in his favor. Most scammers are not native english speakers so you can tell in their writing and if you have the chance to talk to them you will find out his or her accent is not american nor british.

I have not actualy talked with Jimmy J in person, but in his profile he only posted two pics. I asked him to send me more and he says he will and he has not sent me any yet. Will see what happend with Jimmy J.

Is sad that once it was a good way to meet the man of your dreams, has become one of the must terrible criminal activity for there is no way to stop this people.

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