Acting scam for web series

by Anna Ambrosio
(NY, NY)

Beware of an acting scam going on in an office on Broadway, NY. The director and personal assistant will tell you that you have a lead role in the series. Then they will have you sign a contract.

Once you sign the contract, they will tell you that you have to take nude pics in order for them to see your body type since there is implied nudity in the scenes of the series. Then after you take the pics, they will tell you that you are not right for the part and you dont have it anymore.

The personal assistant will tell you that they are creating a part for you which believe me never happens. When you ask for a copy of what you signed, you will be blocked from the director on fb, and he will never give you a copy.

God only knows what is done with those pictures. The office belongs to someone they will tell you is an associate producer of the show.

The offices are beautiful and so you will think the whole thing is legitimate, please dont let this happen to you.

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