Scammer French Canadian Aussie

by Kathy
(N.Y. USA)

These photo's are the photo's that my Scammer had posted on several dating sites. He contacted me on one of them with a profile reading "French Canadian Aussie" and he claimed to be a safety manager on an oil rig.

He was very romantic and spoke with an Italian accent, although the phone communications were often garbled and broken most of the time. He called and texted me several times a day for a few weeks. He was supposed to come to be with me as soon as he finished doing a training stint in Dubai.

My children got suspicious of him and researched the Scammer info on the internet. Well although I was dismayed to find that he may not be for real, I patiently waited for him to ask me to send him money.

Well he never asked for money but instead, I received a shipping notice from Dubai that stated I would be receiving a package by courier and the contents that were listed included a diamond engagement ring.

On the phone he anxiously asked me if I'd received the package yet. I had not, I told him. And then it came, a notice from the customs agent stating that when they inspected the package some UN declared items were found and this was unlawful and both the sender and receiver "Me" could face charges, unless I send them $3,000 to cover the additional customs charges immediately.

The shipping company was on a scammer list as well.


So that was how he tried to get money from me. I think it was planned that way because early on, I had been suspicious and had asked him if he was for real and how could he prove it, at which time he got highly insulted that I even doubted him and he did not call me for 2 days.

After the package story I confronted him and he denied it and also got very angry, cursing at me and all.

Well that was the end of that. But he was very convincing, said all the right things and was very romantic. And the man in the photos was very handsome indeed.

Please beware! The people in the photo's have no idea that you exist, the photo's are stolen. There have even been Dr Phil episodes about this whole scammer thing. People have been scammed out of thousands of dollars!

Well that's my story.

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Jul 07, 2017
by: Anonymous

I saw him on

May 05, 2017
Same scammer - same photos
by: Amy

Well I have emailed the exact handsome scammer for the last 7 days...did you know he was born in Rome Italy, and his parents died while he was very young...he was so romantic with his emails and texts and we called each other once and yes he had the accent.

I was going to see him when he returned from west Africa and he was a private building contractor building an orphanage. I was going to meet him next week until today when he had a business issue and asked me for $1200.00. I found this website and was so angry and sad.

He said all the right romantic things and I was very attracted to him...once I said I don't have to send he became angry and I sent him this link so he could see his own face with all different facts about himself.....stay away from him and DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!

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