Scammer exposed

by Lisa odell
(Pensacola fl)

I was talking to someone and I thought he really lived in Miami and we talked for about 3 months and things were not adding up so I finally told him I was not going to talk to him no more unless he told me who he was and then he did tell me who he was.

He was in Nigeria and I have been approached by many for scams either iTune cards and inheritance scam or some kind of money scam that a diplomat has but there was one guy going by Charles Bretz and he also went by Jeff Robles.

He was real scary and he threatened to do some very bad stuff and I finally just blocked him and then he went for another fake profile and started talking to me again but it didn't take long to know who he was

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Apr 19, 2018
Good Job Lisa - AWARENESS
by: Anonymous

How dare he threaten you. These low-life people need to be stopped. I was scammed of 3 Itune cards. Now that I think of it, I was so naive and stupid. So So angry with myself but I'm getting over it - well actually, I'm am over it.

I pray that they burn in hell. We need to be AWARE! Really, I never heard of this (scamming) until it happened to me. The low-life went by the name of Dr. Oliver James and had a daughter named Melvin. STUPID. Damn, when I look back there were so many signs, but I believed I was in love.


Hang in there!

I'm sure the low-life DR. OLIVER JAMES, Orthopedic will have changed his name by now. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He may still be using that name. If he does reside in Syria like he said I PRAY a bomb EXPLODES in his face!!!

Apr 14, 2018
Scammer exposed
by: Jemmy

So did you find out his real name then

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