Scammed by POF Collin Burt.

by Kim
(San Diego)

Just like everyone said, moved quickly to private email. He took down his profile quickly to show that he found the one. Said he was a construction engineer.

At the time he said he was working on roads and bridges in Iceland. When the job was over, he said he came home to NYC. He said he had to pick between three new jobs, one being in Lagos, Nigeria. We talked, texted and emailed for approx. three weeks, daily.

Very quickly he was professing his love. Red flags were popping up, no extra pictures, only two. Even though he said he had phone capable of taking selfies, refused to send one.

He was going to fly to the States to meet me, for a week. He was going to stay at the Marriott hotel, not at my house. He was to arrive Dec. 6th. He texted me that he was stressing out. I said what was the source of his stress. He said his credit card was not working and he needed money for the heavy equipment or it could delay his trip to see me.

He said he would pay me back when I saw him on the 6th. I told him I don't loan money to anyone. He was relentless with please, swear by God to pay me back, why I am I doing this to him , etc.

I said the Chase bank in NYC was open and he should call them. He said they would not pick up. Then I said call your boss, he said his boss deposited the money to cover the costs into his account and it was up to him to figure it out.

Red flag after red flag. Be warned, Collin Burt, I'm assuming that is not his real name. After calling me all day yesterday, me not taking his calls, more texts saying he's not the person I think he is, scammer, ya I called him out, said the jig was up.

No calls or text today, good bye looser.

Girls beware!

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Jan 19, 2016
That's him alright!
by: Anonymous

yep! That's him. Sorry he took your money.

Jan 19, 2016
Zoosk dating scam
by: Anonymous

Met on zoosk, just like previous post, he quickly took down his post saying he found the one, said he was a six year widowed construction engineer.

After 2 weeks, he said he had to fly to 3 different places for a job, help me pick one he said....Nigeria, Russia, or Syria.....He went to Nigeria where his hotel was robbed and all his personal id, passport, money, phones, computer were stolen. Needed money for new passport etc, and to get back home to straighten out his finances.

Unfortunately, I fell for it...had me send moneygrams to hotel mgr because he had no id to pick it was, He said his name was Collin Thomas, I couldn't find any info on the Internet until I started paying for it and it was obvious what he had done to me.

He gave me the # of the hotel desk which I called, they confirmed the robbery and his room number but after I called I could not get through again. Claimed he lived in NYC, even sent me a picture of him and his daughter....claimed he was born in UK and his daughter still lives there, just got pregnant, just married, and son going to school in Ireland.

Don't fall for this guy.

Found his picture on Linked in, said he was from texas. He's really good at his game, I have notified FBI as well as Nigerian authorities.

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