"Ryan Moloney" Civil Engineering Consultant - Oil Rig

Ryan Moloney

Ryan Moloney

Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney Bank Account Ryan Moloney Flight Itinerary

I want to get this guy's photo and name out there as soon as possible even though he stole these pictures from someone else on FB and used it to start a fake FB and LinkedIn page, as well as to scam me.

Same basic story as everyone else's. Claims to live in Miami Beach, won a contract to work on an oil rig in Australia to install some equipment. Series of misfortunes such as equipment malfunction, customs withholding passport when he tries to leave country due to non-payment of Australian income taxes, needs to pay his workers, needs to pay export fees for his equipment.

Different name, different picture, similar story. However, here are some specifics about this guy. Claims he was born in Germany and educated in England. He did have an accent, and it easily could have been a German accent softened through time spent in England/America. Liked to call me "Baby", probably called all his women that to help keep the names straight. He misused the word "would" in place of the word "will." Another tell is his use of the phrase "that's not bad" instead of "that's good." He liked to tell me what he was going to do to me (sexually) when we were together. He'd say "I'm going to do XYZ and YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT." (The You're Gonna Like It part is the key, it sounded awkward but he'd say it repeatedly.)

Here are the phone numbers he's used to contact me although many are disconnected:

(786) 601-6869
(786) 530-5878
(786) 298-5001
(281) 547-7076

And used to call from this number while he was "working in Australia"

I'm posting pictures he used (although not of him), a snapshot of his bank account that he sent and a snapshot of flight itinerary when he was coming to see me.

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Sep 27, 2017
Sounds Like Jake Knudsen
by: Anonymous

I'm the OP for this guy. Was reading Jake Knudsen story and got to the part about his "blood pressure being very high and having heart issues." This happened to Ryan Moloney a lot too, basically every time he asked for something and I said no.

Another thing I remember about him is every time he called, even if we had become disconnected and he called back immediately, he would always start the conversation off with "Hi."

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